What Does the Price of Lumineers Depend on?

love coupleLumineers are made from Cerinate, which is high-quality porcelain that looks natural and has high life expectancy. This component separates Lumineers from other veneers, most of which require drilling away enamel to guarantee fit. The thinness of the Cerinate means no modification and less time in the chair.

As expected, this process is not cheap. But Lumineers are priced per tooth, and you may be able to get by with as few as 4 laminates. The number of Lumineers you need depends on your smile zone, and our expert in Lumineers in LA can bring the rest of your teeth up to code with supplementary services like bonding and whitening.

The price of Lumineers can depend on geography and specialty. If you live in a major city, there’s probably higher demand for cosmetic dentistry. And the dentists are probably more qualified. Lumineers is a straightforward procedure, but requires high attention to detail.

Call our office today about Lumineers price in LA. Dental insurance typically won’t cover a veneer placement, but in cases of non-cosmetic improvement, exceptions do exist. Ask your dentist for more information.

What Does the Price of Lumineers Depend on?

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