About the Jaw Joints


TMJ is a serious disorder that can make even the simplest daily tasks, such as speaking and eating, difficult and painful. The disorder is centered in one of the jaw joints. While experts are unsure of why this issue occurs, we do know that it can be brought about due to stress, arthritis, or physical damage. Here is some important information about the jaw joints.

The joints that connect our lower jaw to the skull are the most complex in the whole body. They allow us to move our jaw up and down, forward and back, and even slightly side to side. It is able to function this way thanks to a whole system of bone, muscle, and soft tissues. There is also a large nerve that travels across the joint to the top of the face. If anything in this area becomes damaged, shifted, or disrupted in any way, TMJ can develop. This often results in pain in the jaw, head, neck, shoulders, and even teeth, as well as numbness on the side of the face. Other symptoms include tinnitus, grating sensations, and lock jaw.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your daily life, schedule an appointment with our dentist for TMJ pain treatment.

About the Jaw Joints

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