Available Treatment Options for TMJ



TMJ, or temporomandibular joint syndrome, can be crippling when left untreated. Those who suffer from numerous symptoms such as facial tenderness and trouble chewing, often seek dental professionals in order to combat the painful side effects. Our TMJ dentist in Thousand Oaks provides superior treatment to counter the condition through therapy and timely procedures.

TMJ is classified as injury occurring in one or both of the joints that connect your jaw to your skull. Although there are many potential factors, a major cause of this condition is injury or misalignment of the teeth or jaw. If you are diagnosed with TMJ, our dentist may recommend a splint or night guard to limit teeth grinding. Another option would be a therapeutic method known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This practice uses a small battery powered machine to deliver a circuit of electrical impulses to the nerve fibers in order to reduce pain. Other available options are trigger point injections, or in severe cases, dental surgery, to release muscle tension. If treated quickly, patients with temporomandibular joint syndrome will avoid numerous painful side effects including trouble hearing, chronic headaches, poor oral health, and lack of sleep.

Available Treatment Options for TMJ

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