Cosmetic Appeal of White Fillings


Teeth that are damaged by decay or trauma can be unsightly as well as painful, but restoration with metal fillings is not cosmetically ideal. Today, more patients are instead getting white dental fillings to repair their teeth. Here is a look at why white fillings are aesthetically superior to traditional fillings.

Natural Color

Whereas metal fillings leave teeth with dark spots, tooth-colored fillings keep teeth looking natural. This is especially important for restoring front teeth, which are easily visible when patients smile. Even then, fillings on rear molars also should ideally be performed with white composite material for a totally normal appearance when the mouth is opened wide.

Long-Term Tooth Color

The mercury amalgam used in metal fillings can slowly discolor the tooth structure surrounding them. Eventually, the entire tooth may be an unappealing gray color. By contrast, white fillings eliminate this issue completely. Years after receiving these fillings, patients can count on smiling confidently knowing that others will see only normal tooth color.

Tooth Structure Protection

Because metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes, the teeth that contain them may break after some time. Not only can this open the door to infections, but it also can be severely painful. As a result, patients who get white fillings are less likely to need additional cosmetic dental treatments later.

With all of the cosmetic advantages of white fillings, it is easy to see why this treatment is preferred by many patients today. Beyond their aesthetic effects, white fillings are also free of mercury, a metal that many patients wish to avoid. White fillings can last for several years after placement with daily home dental hygiene and regular check-ups. At a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Canoga Park, patients can learn more about white fillings and how they look.

Cosmetic Appeal of White Fillings

When to Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are regarded as the ideal option for replacing lost teeth. Supported by posts that are inserted into the jaw bone and actually exceed the stability of natural tooth roots, implants look great and perform flawlessly. Here is a look at when you should choose implants.

You Want Tooth Replacements That Look Natural

Like real teeth, implants are seated into the gums and do not show any signs of artificiality. This is in contrast to bridges, which require external hardware for anchoring to adjacent teeth. Furthermore, implants lack the sometimes unusual appearance of denture teeth, which sit atop the actual gums. Of course, the artificial teeth attached to implants are also shaped and tinted to match real teeth precisely.

You Want Absolute Comfort and Consistent Performance

The posts beneath dental implants actually bio-integrate with the jaw bones, resulting in unequaled stability. While bridges are also stationary, they cannot match the sturdiness of implants because they do not directly extend into the jaws. Compared to dentures, which can shift and click when patients eat or speak, implants can be counted on to stay put constantly so recipients never feel self-conscious about their smile.

You Want The Convenience of Real Teeth

All tooth replacements offer a good measure of aesthetic and functional restoration after tooth loss, but alternatives cannot match implants in the level of convenience they offer. Dentures require cleaning and soaking to keep free of accumulated food and bacteria, and bridges need extra brushing because of external hardware that can trap grime. Meanwhile, implants need only regular brushing and flossing.

Implants do require a longer healing period compared to other tooth replacements, but this is easily offset by their lifelong benefits for a majority of patients. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist in Canoga Park to find out if implants are right for you.

When to Choose Dental Implants