Causes and Treatments of Gum Recession

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Our gums support and protect our teeth and roots. Unfortunately, gum tissue can recede and the gumline pull away from a healthy position. Here is a look at why this happens, and how our Orange County dentist treats this issue.


Causes of gum recession

Common reasons why the gums recede include bruxism, gum disease, and brushing the teeth too hard. Someone may also suffer from receding gums due to aging, their genetic makeup, or poor tooth positions. Our expert in gum recession in Orange County may be able to determine the underlying cause.


Treatment possibilities

Our dentist utilizes pinhole surgery to treat this issue. This involves creating holes throughout the gums, effectively loosening the tissue. This allows them to glide the gums back over the teeth, protecting the roots and creating a better looking smile. Another type of treatment is gum grafting. Our dentist can use tissue from another area of your mouth, from a donor, or synthetic tissue to replace and fill out the gums. To ensure the results of treatment last, patients should refrain from smoking and similar bad habits, which inhibits healing and promotes inflammation.

If you are concerned about your gums and whether or not they have receded, schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Causes and Treatments of Gum Recession