Teeth Whitening and the Gums

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While teeth whitening is the best way to brighten stained teeth, there can be some side effects. This is why it is important to undergo this treatment with the help of a professional teeth whitening dentist in Beverly Hills, in order to minimize these possibilities. Here is a look at what to watch out for.

The gel or liquid used in teeth whitening treatments is abrasive. This is what removes extrinsic stains, but can also result in loss of enamel. Dental enamel is an important layer, and our teeth need it to protect the underlying, more sensitive layers. Our dentist is sure to use just the right amount of material to prevent this from occurring.

This material can also be harmful to the gum tissue. The gel or liquid reaching this area of the mouth can lead to abrasion, sensitivity, and other serious issues. Experts use a plastic or rubber guard to protect the gums and other soft tissues.

If you are using an at-home kit, be sure to follow all of the instructions in order to keep your mouth safe and healthy. Ask our dentist what protective measures can be made during whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening and the Gums

Reasons for Painful Gum


When thinking of oral health, many patients forget about the gums. Gums, however, are an important part of the mouth, and can play a big part in both oral and overall health. Gums can become red, swollen, tender, and painful due to several reasons, but the main cause is poor care of the teeth.

When the teeth have been neglected or simply not taken proper care of, it can affect the gums directly. Bacteria, plaque, and tartar can seep into the teeth and accumulate along and below the gum line. This can lead to root canal infections and pain in the gum tissue, which is otherwise known as severe gum disease, or periodontitis.

Our expert in treatment of painful gums in Los Angeles can perform several treatments and procedures to eliminate periodontitis and the pain that comes with it. A scaling and root planing clears plaque and tartar from the gum line and tooth roots. Other treatment options include gum grafting, pocket reduction, and laser treatments.

Be sure to not wait if you experience any pain, swelling, tenderness, or redness in your gums, as it is likely a symptom of severe gum disease or similar serious problem. An appointment with our best Los Angeles dentist can perform an examination and determine the best way to treat your gum pain.

Reasons for Painful Gum