What are the Benefits of Same Day Dentistry?

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Our dentists and staff are aware of how inconvenient dental appointments are. Often patients must leave work, miss school, and call off plans in order to attend check-ups or have their teeth restored. This is why Same Day Dentistry is so appreciated by many. Patients no longer have to alter their schedules to attend more than one dental appointment within a short period of time.

Same Day Dentistry is done with the help of CEREC CAD/CAM technology. In the past, patients who needed restorations, such as indirect fillings and crowns, would have to come to our office to take impressions of the tooth and prepare it, if necessary. This information would be sent to a lab for the restoration to be made. A temporary restoration would then be placed, and removed at another appointment after the completed crown or filling installed. This process is shortened with Same Day technology.

With a milling machine, such restorations can be made in our office. Patients no longer have to attend multiple appointments weeks apart to restore a tooth. They can now wait in our office for what they need to be made, effectively turning multiple appointments to our San Francisco dentist into one.

Check to see if your dentist is an expert in same day dentistry in San Francisco to make any future restorative appointments as convenient as possible.

What are the Benefits of Same Day Dentistry?

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

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Same day restorations are beginning to replace traditional restorations for many patients. These inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns offer the same level of performance as traditional restoration, but with far greater convenience. Here is more about the advantages of these treatments.

Whereas traditional restorations may take two or more visits in a span of several weeks to complete, same day restorations are placed in just one short appointment. The entire process, from taking dental impressions and photos to constructing the restorations, is handled on site by our dentist in San Francisco. Instead of going home until the next appointment, patients can relax in the waiting room while their restorations are being made.

The technology used with same day restorations ensures that these options do not sacrifice quality. Special imaging equipment captures images of the teeth from all angles, and cutting-edge CAD/CAM equipment mills the restorations accordingly. Similar to their traditional counterparts, these same day versions are also custom tinted and made to last.

Same day dentistry is not always the best option for every patient. Depending on what dentists find during an exam, traditional restorations may be recommended instead for a number of reasons. Patients can learn more about the benefits of these treatments at a consultation with our expert in same day dentistry in San Francisco.

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry