Teeth Whitening Strips

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There are a few different ways that patients can brighten their smile. The method most often recommended is in-office treatment. However, you may also be able to benefit from an at-home option, if recommended by our Beverly Hills teeth whitening dentist.

Teeth whitening kits with strips are available both from our professional dentist and many retail stores. These strips are to be wrapped around the arches. They are each coated in a gel that contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. In holding them against the teeth, they seep into enamel and lighten extrinsic stains. You will likely need to apply them every night for a few days to see results.

It is important to use these strips carefully and follow the instructions given by your dentist or included in the kit. If overused, there could be some enamel loss, which could lead to sensitivity. Furthermore, if you already suffer from tooth sensitivity, whitening yourself will likely not be a good choice.

If our dentist recommends in-office teeth whitening, the results will likely be apparent immediately. If taken care of, the teeth will not need to be whitened again for at least another six months.

Teeth Whitening Strips