Benefits of Zoom Whitening

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The outer enamel layer of teeth comprises densely packed mineral crystals. Stain molecules from foods and drinks can seep into the minuscule spaces between these crystals causing your teeth to darken over time. The enamel layer can also gradually become thinner with age, which allows more of the darker inner layer of dentin to show through. Zoom whitening can restore a brighter, more youthful white color to your teeth.

Zoom is one of the most popular professional whitening systems in use today. It is performed right in our office, and it can achieve dazzling results that last. The benefits are many, including:

1. Fast and easy treatment
We apply the Zoom gel to your teeth and then activate it using a light source for about 20 minutes at a time. This process is repeated about three times, so you can be on your way in about an hour, which is significantly less time than the average OTC whitening kit takes.

2. Dramatic results
Teeth can be up to eight shades lighter after a single Zoom session. Zoom uses a powerful, prescription-strength whitening agent that penetrates deep into the structure of the tooth to break up stain molecules. The light source speeds the whitening process. You can easily maintain your results by using touch-up whitening trays in the comfort of your home.

3. Comfort and safety
Zoom is performed by a dental professional in our office. We take every precaution to ensure your teeth, gums and other oral tissues are protected throughout the whitening process. We also take steps to help combat sensitivity.

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Benefits of Zoom Whitening

Teeth Whitening Options

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People desire whiter smiles to achieve a youthful edge. The older we get, the more our teeth discolor—even if we try to avoid staining agents. For those with genetically darker teeth, the process is speedier. This is why teeth whitening is such a booming business.
Basically, you can try to whiten your teeth yourself, or you can let a pro do it. There are advantages to doing it yourself—like saving money—but over-the-counter products must be handled with care. Home whitening kits can be destructive if you don’t administer the gel properly, or if you don’t protect your gums.

Less extreme than home bleaching are products is whitening toothpaste, which can help remove extrinsic stains. But deeper stains will resist this treatment, and you won’t go up very many shades.

Our West Hollywood dentist recommends chairside treatment, which can get lift your smile several shades in one afternoon. The whitening products used in the dentist’s office are mixed with higher levels of carbamide peroxide than are allowed in stores. Our dentist carefully covers the gums before applying the gel, eliminating risk of chemical burn.

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Teeth Whitening Options

How Effective is Zoom Whitening?

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Grades for teeth whitening are usually handed out on two measures: how white it can make your teeth, and how long it lasts. For a little of both, you could try at-home whitening with whitening strips and toothpastes. Or you could make an investment and go with Zoom whitening, the popular chairside service that can get you up to eight new shades of brightness. And results of the treatment can last six months or longer.

Zoom whitening acts on an aeration-like process, pumping the teeth full of oxygen. This is accomplished with high amounts of peroxide that effectively bleach out stains both inside and outside the enamel. The process is so complete it can produce a shock-like effect, known affectionately as “the zingers”. This shooting sensation in the teeth is the most common side effect of Zoom treatment, and usually subsides in a few hours.
Our expert in Zoom whitening in Orange County likes to guarantee your results by prescribing take-home trays after your session. These release whitening solution onto your teeth over the next few weeks.

By eating carefully and avoiding stain agents like coffee and high-color foods, you can maximize your Zoom money. Contact our cosmetic dentist in Orange County today.

How Effective is Zoom Whitening?

Teeth Whitening and the Gums

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While teeth whitening is the best way to brighten stained teeth, there can be some side effects. This is why it is important to undergo this treatment with the help of a professional teeth whitening dentist in Beverly Hills, in order to minimize these possibilities. Here is a look at what to watch out for.

The gel or liquid used in teeth whitening treatments is abrasive. This is what removes extrinsic stains, but can also result in loss of enamel. Dental enamel is an important layer, and our teeth need it to protect the underlying, more sensitive layers. Our dentist is sure to use just the right amount of material to prevent this from occurring.

This material can also be harmful to the gum tissue. The gel or liquid reaching this area of the mouth can lead to abrasion, sensitivity, and other serious issues. Experts use a plastic or rubber guard to protect the gums and other soft tissues.

If you are using an at-home kit, be sure to follow all of the instructions in order to keep your mouth safe and healthy. Ask our dentist what protective measures can be made during whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening and the Gums

Teeth Whitening Strips

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There are a few different ways that patients can brighten their smile. The method most often recommended is in-office treatment. However, you may also be able to benefit from an at-home option, if recommended by our Beverly Hills teeth whitening dentist.

Teeth whitening kits with strips are available both from our professional dentist and many retail stores. These strips are to be wrapped around the arches. They are each coated in a gel that contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. In holding them against the teeth, they seep into enamel and lighten extrinsic stains. You will likely need to apply them every night for a few days to see results.

It is important to use these strips carefully and follow the instructions given by your dentist or included in the kit. If overused, there could be some enamel loss, which could lead to sensitivity. Furthermore, if you already suffer from tooth sensitivity, whitening yourself will likely not be a good choice.

If our dentist recommends in-office teeth whitening, the results will likely be apparent immediately. If taken care of, the teeth will not need to be whitened again for at least another six months.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening and Oil Pulling

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Cosmetic dental trends pop up every few years, some better than others. One that has gotten a lot of opinions behind it lately is a unique way to whiten the teeth. Patients are excited about this inexpensive and healthy way to brighten the smile… but does it work?

Oil pulling involves wishing coconut oil in your mouth through your teeth. Instructions on the internet say that this should be done for half an hour every day to see results, which include eliminating bacteria, lessening sensitivity, and of course, whitening the teeth.

It is important to know that the American Dental Association has declared that they have not found any evidence that coconut oil pulling has any positive effect in any of these areas. In fact, it will be completely ineffective, at best. At worst, it causes an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Our whitening dentist in Los Angeles recommends a professional treatment for those looking to eliminate extrinsic dental stains and brighten their smile. There are several different types of treatments, meaning patients can work with our dentist to determine the best type for them. Patients will see results right away, sometimes up to eight shades brighter.

Teeth Whitening and Oil Pulling

How Teeth Whitening Works

portraits of pretty teen sistersWhen choosing products from the store or from your dentist to get whiter and brighter teeth, you may wonder how these products can get the job done. While there are many different types of products, they generally work to whiten the teeth in one of two ways. These are through abrasion or lightening.

Many products that you can buy over the counter will work by the abrasion method. Small particles scrub away surface stains to reduce discoloration caused by foods, beverages, and lifestyle choices. However, abrasive materials can only do so much and may actually be damaging to the teeth if used improperly over time.

Gels, trays, and strips may use peroxide to help remove stains from beneath the surface of the teeth for actual whitening effects. The peroxide can work inside of the teeth to lift away particles that cause discoloration.

Your dental care provider can offer products that are much stronger than those that you can purchase at the store. This can help you to achieve greater results in a shorter time frame. Because of the risk of irritation to gums and sensitivity to the teeth, it is important that a qualified dentist be the one to use these teeth whitening treatments.

How Teeth Whitening Works