Tooth Bleaching and Its Advantages

portraits of pretty teen sistersTooth bleaching—or whitening as it’s called interchangeably—can introduce up to ten shades of brightness to your teeth. It’s a fundamentally safe and sound procedure that can even be done at home under the right conditions. In fact, cosmetic dentistry recognizes the right of at-home/over-the-counter whitening practices to exist, with the knowledge that the in-office/chairside treatments bring much faster, more dramatic results.

You can choose to whiten at home with any number of DIY products, starting with whitening toothpaste and continuing through bleaching kits that contain 3 to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide. This percentage contrasts with the 15 to 38 percent found in professional products.

Twenty years of data do not suggest any long-term or systemic health risks for tooth bleaching in a professional setting. Obviously, this does not account for at-home cases where the client takes the procedure literally into their own hands. You should always take care when working with chemicals, understanding that your tooth structure and soft tissues could be at risk if you mix too high.

Otherwise, our expert in tooth bleaching in Northridge promises instant brightening of most extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Whether you opt just for chairside whitening or combine it with take-home strips, you can work together with your specialist to keep your smile bright for months.

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Tooth Bleaching and Its Advantages