Steps in a Dental Extraction

Woman at the dentistry

There are certain situations which necessitate the removal of a tooth. Such situations could include irreversible deep decay, or severe physical damage to the tooth or root. Our dentist in San Fernando Valley is an expert at dental extraction, and ensures that patients will feel more comfortable during the procedure if they are familiar with the extraction process and the steps involved.

The process will begin by numbing the area with a local anesthetic. They will then begin to remove the tooth by expanding the root socket. The bone surrounding the tooth and keeping it in place is relatively spongy, so your dentist will be able to manipulate it until it compresses while separating the tooth from its ligament. Special tools called “elevators” are wedged between the tooth and the tissue and moved back and forth to rock the tooth free. After some time and effort, the tooth will be loose enough to remove with dental forceps.

After the tooth is removed from its socket, the area will then need to be closed. This may include removing any debris by scraping the walls of the socket and irrigating, compressing the hole using pressure, rounding off any sharp bone edges, and enacting measures to reduce possible prolonged bleeding.

Steps in a Dental Extraction