Benefits of Zoom Whitening

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The outer enamel layer of teeth comprises densely packed mineral crystals. Stain molecules from foods and drinks can seep into the minuscule spaces between these crystals causing your teeth to darken over time. The enamel layer can also gradually become thinner with age, which allows more of the darker inner layer of dentin to show through. Zoom whitening can restore a brighter, more youthful white color to your teeth.

Zoom is one of the most popular professional whitening systems in use today. It is performed right in our office, and it can achieve dazzling results that last. The benefits are many, including:

1. Fast and easy treatment
We apply the Zoom gel to your teeth and then activate it using a light source for about 20 minutes at a time. This process is repeated about three times, so you can be on your way in about an hour, which is significantly less time than the average OTC whitening kit takes.

2. Dramatic results
Teeth can be up to eight shades lighter after a single Zoom session. Zoom uses a powerful, prescription-strength whitening agent that penetrates deep into the structure of the tooth to break up stain molecules. The light source speeds the whitening process. You can easily maintain your results by using touch-up whitening trays in the comfort of your home.

3. Comfort and safety
Zoom is performed by a dental professional in our office. We take every precaution to ensure your teeth, gums and other oral tissues are protected throughout the whitening process. We also take steps to help combat sensitivity.

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Benefits of Zoom Whitening

Effect of Chewing Tobacco on Oral Health

It’s no surprise that tobacco products can be harmful to your health. Smoking and chewing tobacco not only affect the lungs, they cause damage to the teeth. According to the American Dental Association, there are 28 toxins in chewing tobacco known to cause cancer. That’s why it’s important to avoid tobacco products in order to maintain good oral health and overall well-being.


There are several problems that can happen if a person chews tobacco over a long period of time. They include: increased risk of oral cancer, periodontal disease, tooth loss and tooth sensitivity, difficulty healing after dental procedures, a limited amount of treatment options, staining of the teeth, bad breath and reduced ability to taste and smell. Given the above aforementioned issues with chewing tobacco, the health risks outweigh the benefits.


If you have a tobacco habit, it’s important to take the steps necessary to quit. When you stop this habit, your oral health will benefit. You can avoid tooth loss and tooth decay, not to mention cancer. Our dentist can explain all the benefits of staying tobacco free and discuss options to fix the current issues you have with your oral health. They may suggest alternatives to smoking or chewing tobacco. While chewing gum may replace chewing tobacco, this can also lead to issues if the gum has an excess amount of sugar. Your dental professional may be able to suggest healthier chewing gums for you.


In addition to avoiding these substances, brushing and flossing twice a day for at least two minutes will help you maintain good oral health. Proper oral care is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. When you practice these healthy habits, your teeth and gums will stay healthy for years to come. It’s important to keep sugary foods and sodas to a minimum as well. These foods and drinks can cause cavities, tooth decay and other issues associated with tooth loss.


Schedule an appointment with your dental professional to talk about how you can maintain proper oral hygiene. They can suggest tips for brushing and flossing as well as healthy ways you can avoid tooth decay or tooth loss. If you have lost teeth due to chewing tobacco, make sure to discuss the procedures available to you to replace your teeth. Of course quitting this habit will ultimately keep you healthier for a long time.

Effect of Chewing Tobacco on Oral Health