What is Crown Lengthening Recommended for?


Crown lengthening is recommended when you need a crown but have insufficient tooth to support it. The tooth in question may be broken or worn down due to bruxism, or it may have a cavity that extended too close to the bone.

If this is the case, our crown lengthening dentist in Northridge goes in and essentially builds the tooth back up so the crown can fit. Teeth of the right length, or that have been lengthened, usually have no problem holding a crown. And the patient is able to keep the area around the tooth cleaner.

Crown lengthening is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour. Local anesthetic or a sedative may be required. Healing period is approximately two weeks.

Dentists also do crown lengthening cosmetically. Smaller-than-average teeth or excess gum tissue can produce a gummy smile, as can teeth that broke off too close to the gumline. Our dentists in Northridge can recontour both the gums and the teeth to repair this effect.

It is important that your smile be both healthy, and accepting of change. Crown lengthening is often a great way to integrate the two.

What is Crown Lengthening Recommended for?