What Can Snap On Smile Do?

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Perhaps the best service Snap On Smile provides is backup for the dentally compromised who can’t get the usual cosmetic or orthodontic treatments. This might be because of financial hardship, a pre-existing medical condition, or dental phobia.

If your teeth are fatally flawed because of too much rotation, staining, or spacing, Snap On Smile gives you the chance to go on smiling with no interference or embarrassment. This is because the Snap On Smile prosthetic camouflages your smile zone, just by being itself. You put in the device as you need to, and wear it all day if you want. Or you can take it out as it suits you.

The device is made from the same non-toxic resin NASA uses in its cabinetry. It’s durable, flexible, and custom-fit based on your own dental impressions taken by your Snap On Smile dentist.

Because of its removable and transient nature, Snap On Smile is ideal for special occasions. A photo opportunity you were dreading, or the day of a big presentation, can be made stress-free with your newly customized smile device.

Ask our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist if you qualify for Snap On Smile.

What Can Snap On Smile Do?

Snap On Smile and Its Benefits

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Many people want a beautiful smile that they can share freely and confidently, but they have damaged, stained or crooked teeth that make them feel self-conscious. A smile makeover might not be in everyone’s budget, but Snap On Smile can be a great alternative for patients who want a beautiful smile.

Virtually anyone who wants a great smile can be a candidate for Snap On Smile. Snap On Smile is a simple dental appliance that fits over your teeth. It requires no drilling or shots and can be completed in two pain-free dental appointments. The appliance is made using a proprietary high-tech dental resin formula that closely resembles natural dental enamel. Once it is in position, it immediately covers all kinds of flaws, including stained, crowded, crooked, chipped and even missing teeth. You can eat and drink while wearing Snap On Smile, and you can take it out as needed or for brushing and flossing.

Snap On Smile is easy to get, easy to use and easy to wear. The process is fast, comfortable and affordable, and even patients who are not candidates for more permanent procedures are candidates for Snap On Smile. Call our expert in Snap On Smile in Los Angeles to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Snap On Smile and Its Benefits

What Do Patients Think about Snap On Smile?

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Many times patients come in to our offices with more than one cosmetic issue that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, there are several ways to go about a situation like this. Some patients undergo a smile makeover, where everything is corrected at the same time or one after the other, whether they are cosmetic, orthodontic, or other type of issue. This, however, could be expensive and take a long time. Others choose dental veneers to cover the teeth and mask any flaws, but this option can also be expensive, and cannot be reversed. A great solution for those who want the best of both worlds is Snap On Smile.

Snap on Smile fits onto the teeth easily and can be removed by the patient at any time. It effectively covers issues such as:

  • Gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Stains and discolorations
  • Misshapen or short teeth
  • Cracks and chips

Your Snap On Smile can be worn while you eat and drink, and last years with the proper care. Unlike with other restorations and treatments, no shots, preparation of the teeth, or drilling is required. Despite the fact that no preparation or altering of the mouth is needed, it still manages to look natural and beautiful. See for yourself with pictures featured in Snap On Smile reviews.

What Do Patients Think about Snap On Smile?

Benefits of Snap On Smile


A Snap On Smile is a special dental appliance that can be snapped into place when you need it and removed when you don’t need it. We can make a Snap On Smile for you to try on a new look or to give you an immediate lift to your smile. Our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist can help you decide if a Snap On Smile is right for you.

The benefits of Snap On Smile include:

• Convenience
Snap On Smile requires no shots or drillings, and it can be ready for you to wear in just two visits.
• Versatility
Snap On Smile can improve the look of many types of smiles, including those with gaps, lost teeth, stains and other damage.
• Affordability
Snap On Smile is more affordable than many other cosmetic treatment options and can give you a new smile almost instantly.

These are just a few of the benefits of this innovative cosmetic restoration, but the biggest benefit may just be the incredible confidence you will feel as your smile improves. You may want to take advantage of Snap On Smile if you have stains, chips, worn enamel or even missing teeth. You can wear it all day long or only for special occasions, or you can use it until you are ready to undergo a more permanent transformation. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in Snap On Smile in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Snap On Smile